11702-4013-18 Lane Extravaganza rocker recliner
11702-4013-20 Lane Extravaganza rocker recliner
11702-4013-21-Lane Extravaganza rocker recliner
11702-4014-21 Lane Extravaganza rocker recliner
11702-4014-32 La Extravaganza 0rocker recliner
11716-01-5101-40 Lane Eureka leather/vinyl recliner****For fabric options.*Search Eureka in the Search bar.
11716p-01/5101-20 leather/vinyl Lane Eureka power recliner--In Stock--Ships In 10 Days
11716P-01/5101-24 Lane Eureka power leather/vinyl relciner-Ships In 10 Days
11717-1300-20 Lane Norfolk rocker recliner
11717-1887-17 Lane Norfolk recliner
11717-4808-21 Lane Norfolk fabric rocker recliner
11721-1887-17 ZIP Lane Zip zero gravity recliner
11721-4014-21 Lane Zip recliner.--In Stock--Ships in 10 days
11721-5116-22 Lane Zip rocker recliner---vinyl
11746--4014-17 Lane T-bird recliner--$619.04014-17 Lane T-bird rocker recliner
11746-4013-18 Lane T-bird rocker recliner
11746-4014-21 Lane T-bird rocker recliner
11781-5116-16 Lane Cole recliner---Vinyl
11781-5116-22 Lane Cole recliner-
11782-1140-16 Lane Trooper recliner
11782-1140-40 Lane Troopper recliner
11782-4117-21 Lane Trooper recliner--100% polyester
11785-4110-16 Lane Webb recliner
11785-4110-21 Lane Web rocker recliner
11788-4153-16 Lane Freeze recliner-
11789-4154-17 Lane Dooley recliner-
11790-5132-21 Lane Mullen recliner-Vinyl
11797-4150-16-Lane Miles rocker relciner chair
11797-4150-21 Lane Miles rocker recliner
11797P-4150-16 Lane Miles Power recliner-In Stock--Ships In 10 Days
11798-1300-20 Lane Saban rocker recliner
11798-4808-21 Lane Saban rocker recliner
11913-4632-21 Lane Jolt recliner chair
11928-4808-21 Fabric Lane Hawkeye recliner
11948-4143-17 Lane Jitterbug rocker recliner
11956-1140-16 Pricilla Lane rocker recliner chair--This Chair is instock in this fabric--Will ship within 10 days
11956-1140-16Lane Priscilla recliner--In Stock--Ships In 10 Days
11958-23/5123-43 Lane Revive leather/vinyl recliner
11958-4925-21 Lane Revive recliner chair
11958P-23/5123-18 Lane Power Revive leather/vinyl recliner
11958P-23/5123-43 Lane Power leather/vinyl Revive recliner-In Stock--Ships In 10 Days
11959-1300-20 Lane Lucus rocker recliner
11959-4014-21 Lane Lucas recliner-In Stock-Ships in 10 Days
11959-4014-21 Lane Lucus rocker recliner-This recliner in stock in this fabric. Ships in 10 days
11959-4499-16-Lane Lucus rocker recliner
1401-4136-17 Lane Sherman recliner
1401-4136-40 Lane Sherman Comfort King recliner
1401-4812-65- Lane Sherman Comfort King Recliner Chair
1407-4013-21 Lane Comfort King Stallion recliner
1407-4014-21 Lane Comfort King Stallion Recliner
1407-4014-32 Lane Wallsaver Comfort King Stallion recliner
1407-4169-17- Stallion Comfort King Lane Recliner
1407-4812-17 Lane Stallion Comfort King recliner--This Chair is instock in this Fabric- Ships within 10 days
1407-4812-40- Lane Stallion Comfort King recliner
1407-4812-65-Lane Stallion Comfort King Recliner
1740-5116-22 Lane Timeless -vinyl
18597-4115-22 Lane Harold Lift chair--In stock-ships within 10 days
2001-4139-60 Lane Carolina glider recliner chair.
2016-532-16 Lane leather/vinyl Bryce glider recliner
2016-532-5532-18 Lane Bryce leather /vinyl glider recliner
2016-532-5532-19 Lane leather/vinyl Bryce recliner
2016-532-5532-21 Lane leather/vinyl Bryce recliner
2036-4610-32 Lichen Lane Belmont glider recliner.
2053-4167-17 Lane fabric Alpine glider recliner
2053-4808-21 Lane Alpine Fabric glider recliner
2079-01-5101-20 Lane Saturn leather/vinyl recliner******For fabric options-Search for Saturn in the search bar.
2079-4014-17 Lane Saturn Glider Recliner
2340 -1379-17 Jill fabric low leg Lane recliner
2340-41965-32 Lane Jill low leg recliner
2511-1174-17 Lane Chloe recliner--In Stock--Ships in 10 Days
2511-1174-17-Lane Chloe recliner--This recliner is instock in this fabric. Ships in 10 days. No options
2511-1614-21 Lane Chloe recliner--In Stock--Ships In 10 Days-
2511-1614-21 Lane Chloe recliner--This Recliner Is In Stock In this Fabric. Ships in 10 days. No options
2528-1573-21 Lane Savannah hileg recliner
2528-1614-21-Hileg Lane Savannah recliner chair
2528-1644-40-Burgandy Lane Hileg Lane Savannah relciner
2530-3018-85 100% vinyl Lane Savannah recliner--In Stock--Ships in 10 days
2532-1352-16 Lane Fritz Recliner Chair
2532-3001-99 Lane Fritz hileg recliner in bonded leather
2532-5116-16 Lane Fritz recliner--75% polyurethane, 25% cotton
2537-1342-15 Lane Dani hileg relciner
2537-532/5532-21 Lane Dani leather/vinyl relciner
2539-1212-17 Lane hileg Jamie recliner
2539-1345-21 Lane hileg Jamie recliner
2539-1367-16 Lane Hileg Jamie recliner
2550-105/5045-21 Lane Belle hileg recliner chair--leather/vinyl
2550-1573-21 Lane Belle recliner--In Stock--Ships in 10 Days
2550-1573-21 Lane hileg Belle recliner--This recliner is instock in this fabric. It will ship within 10 days--No options
2550-1988-17 Lane hileg Belle recliner
2550-4676-32 Lane Belle high leg recliner chair.
2579-6569-16 Lane Heathgate relciner chair
2581-1302-17 Lane Hampton hileg recliner
2581-1368-42 Lane hileg Hampton recliner
2581-1644-40 Lane Hampton hi leg recliner---This recliner is in stock in this fabric. It will ship within 10 days. No options
2581-1644-40 Lane Hampton relciner--In Stock--Ships In 10 Days
2581-4676-32 Lane Hampton recliner
2595-1198-40 Lane Julia recliner
2595-1360-30 Lane Julia relciner
2595-1965-32 Lane Julia recliner chair.
2595-3001-65 Lane Julia recliner--18 % leather-82% poly/cotton
2595-3001-99 Lane Julia relciner chair--Bonded leather
2667-5514-22 Lane Magnate hileg recliner-100% Vinyl
2671-1573-21-Lane Hogan recliner chair
2671-1988-17 Lane Hogan hileg relciner
2671-88/89-22 all leather Hogan Lane Recliner--In Stock--Ships In 10 Days
2671-88/89-22 Lane all leather hileg Hogan recliner chair
2675-4329-30 Lane Coco Hileg recliner chair
2675-540/5440-21 Lane Coco leather/vinyl recliner chair
2769-1224-17 Lane Mission recliner
2769-1381-60 Lane Hileg Mission Recliner
2769-5116-22 Lane Mission Hileg relciner--75% Polyurethane, 25% Cotton
2901-532/5532-15 Lane Jazz leather/vinyl recliner chair
2929-1198-40 Lane lowleg Emerson fabric recliner
2929-1230-17 Lane Emerson loleg recliner chair
2930-1988-17 Lane Benson recliner chair
2930-4808-21 Lane Benson recliner chair. 75% polyurethe, 25% cotton
2930-5116-22 Lane Benson recliner chair--75% polyurethe, 25% cotton
2930-533/5533-40 Lane leather/vinyl loleg Benson recliner chair
2948--144-154-22 Lane all leather Bowden recliner chair
2948-4331-21 Lane Bowden low leg relciner chair
2976-105/5045-21 Lane Preston recliner-leather/vinyl
2976-1379-17 Lane Preston loleg recliner
2976-5306-22 Lane vinyl Preston loleg recliner
401-98-4110-17 Lane Triton rocker recliner-Free Freight.
401-98-4110-21 Lane Triton rocker recliner
401-98-5116-22 Lane Triton rocker recliner--75 % Polyurethane, 25% Cotton
402-98-4136-17 Lane Grayson rocker recliner
402-98-4136-40 Lane Grayson rocker recliner
402-98-5132-21 Lane Grayson rocker recliner
406-98-4147-14 Lane Neyland rocker recliner
406-98-4147-15 Lane Neyland rocker recliner
406-98-4147-17 Lane Neyland rocker recliner
406-98-4147-40 Lane Neyland rocker recliner
406-98-5116-13 Lane Neyland rocker recliner--75% polyurethane, 25% cotton
409-98-4139-17 Lane Charlotte rocker recliner
409-98-4139-60 Lane Charlotte rocker recliner
410-98-5514-22 Lane Montgomery rocker recliner--100% vinyl
411-98-4158-16 Lane Fulton rocker recliner
413-98-4169-16 Lane Luck rocker recliner
413-98-4169-22 Lane Luck rocker recliner
413-98p-4169-22 Luck power recliner--In stock-ships in 10 days.
416-98-4180-14 Lane Harrison rocker recliner
423-98-4331-13 Lane Benton Rocker recliner
423-98-5300-40 Lane Benton vinyl relciner
424-98-136-21-Lane Acadia leather/vinyl rocker recliner
424-98-136/5236-18 Lane Acadia Leather/Vinyl rocker recliner
424-98-4301-17 Lane Acadia rocker recliner
424-98-5300-20 Lane vinyl Acadia rocker recliner
424-98-5300-21 Lane vinyl Acadia rocker recliner
424-98-5300-40 Lane vinyl Acadia rocker recliner
425-98-4300-21 Lane Teton rocker recliner
426-98-1384-13 Lane Denali rocker recliner-shadow
428-98-3018-85 Lane Spencerm vinyl rocker recliner
428-98-4304-21 Lane Spencer vinyl rocker recliner
5419-4136-17-Lane Magnitude II rocker recliner
5419-4136-40- Lane Magnitgude II rocker recliner
5419-4325-17 Lane Magnitude II rocker relciner
5421-14/5114-21 Lane leather/vinyl Hancock recliner--In Stock--Ships In 10 Days
5421-14/5114-21 Brown Lane Hancock leather/vinyl recliner--
5421-4802-21 Lane Hancock fabric rocker recliner chair
8413-4013-18 Lane Rancho Comfort King relciner
8413-4014-17 Lane Rancho Comfort King recliner
8413-4014-32 Lane Rancho Comfort King recliner
8418-4169-16 Lane Knox Comfort King recliner
8418-4180-21 Lane Knox Comfort King recliner--This Recliner is in stock in this fabric. Ships within 10 days
8418-4180-21 Lane Knox recliner--In Stock--Ships In 10 Days
8470-01/5101-20-Lane Comfort King leather/vinyl Bulldog recliner****For fabric options. Search Bulldog in the search bar
8470-01/5101-40 Lane Bulldog Comfort King leather/vinyl Recliner*****For fabric options-Search for Bulldog in the search bar.
8470-23/5123-20 Lane leather/vinyl Comfort King Bulldog recliner****For fabric options-Search for Bulldog in the search bar
8470-5132-21 Lane Bulldog Comfort King Recliner-vinyl
8470-5132-21 Lane Bulldog Comfort King relciner, Vinyl
aquatex decorative glass
Autumn leaf
Bergen-C-Model 52/LO3-32 /103 Mac Motion Recliner
Bergin-M-Model 52/LO3/625-Merlot
Burlap decorative glass
Casa-C 814/625 2 PC Recliner Cloud Bonded Lether Alpine Finish
Casa-E 812/103 2 PC Recliner Expresso/bonded Leather/Walnut Finish
Casa-I 813/101 2 Piece Recliner/ Ice Bonded Leather/Merlot Base
Clear-niagra decorative glass
Customer Reviews
Decorative glass
Harmar-B Model 54/LO3-10/101 Mac Motion Recliner
Harmor-C. Model 54\LO3-32 /103 Mac Motion Recliner
Lane 11716 Eureka rocker recliner. Not available in this color.--You choose the fabric
Lane FastLane Talon Double Reclining Sofa-Fabric/vinyl-Ships In 10 Days.****Save an additional 10% on all orders over $898.00
Lane Garrett Leather/vinyl Power Console Double Reclining Loveseat. Ships in 10 Days.*******Save an additional 10% on all orders over $898.00
Lane Garrett Power Leather/vinyl Double Reclining Sofa. Ships in 10 days. ****Save an additional 10% on all orders over $898.00
Lane Garrett Power Leather/vinyl Rocker Recliner. Ships in 10 days
Lane Griffin Console Loveseat. Ships in 10 days.****Save an additional 10% on all orders ove r$898.00
Lane Griffin Power Rocker Recliner. Ships in 10 days
Lane Griffin Power double reclining sofa. In stock. Ships in 10 days. *******Save an additional 10% on all orders over $898.00
Lane Griffin sectional. Double reclining console love seat. Power double reclining sofa and wedge. In stock ships in 10 days.*********** Save and additional 10% on all orders over $898.00
Lane High Leg Recliners and Low Leg Recliners.
Lane Power Griffin Double Reclining Sofa. Ships in 10 days.***Save an additional 10% on all orders over $898.00
Lane power Touchdown reclining leather/vinyl double reclining sofa. **********Save an additional 10% on all orders over $898.00
Lane Quick Ship Recliners. Ships in 10 days.
Lane Quick Ship--Sofas, Loves, and Sectionals
Lane Rocker/Glider Recliners
Lane Stallion Comfort King Leather/vinyl Recliner. 1407-27/5427-40
Lane Stallion recliner--1407-4812-17. $699.00 .Stallion recliner--1407-4812-17---In Stock-Ships In 10 Days
Lane Talon FastLane Double Reclining Console Love Seat /Storage--249-43-4632-17/5101-20 Fabric/Vinyl--Ships In 10 Days.*****Save an additional 10% on all orders over $898.00
Lane Talon rocker recliner. 249-98-4632-17w/5101-20 fabric/vinyl combination. Ships in 10 days
Lane Talon Sectional-249-04,39,43--4632-17/5101-20 Fabric/Vinyl-Ships In 10 Days*****Save an additional 10% on all orders over $898.00
Lane Touchdown double reclining console love seat. Leather/vinyl 292-43--01/5101-20. Ships in 10 days.*********Save an additional 10% on all orders over $898.00
Lane Touchdown power leather/vinyl rocker recliner. Ships in 10 days.
Lane Touchdown sectional. Ships in 10 days.********Save an additional 10% on all orders over $898.00
Mac Motion Chairs. Instock and ready to ship
Mac Motion--5400 /612 /103-Splendor-ph with massage
Mandal-E. Model 58 / lo3-40/103
Mandal-S-58S/l03-24/103 Sand leather/walnut base
Mandeal-P Model 58 / LO3 /625 Mac Motion Chair
Nora-E Model 812 / 103 Mac Motion Recliner Chair
Nora-S. Model 47 /103 Mac Motion Recliner chair
splender-C. Mac Motion model 5400/L03/ 32--w/massage
Vinci-C 916/103 Mac Motion recliner chair-Bonded leather
Vinci-Gm 920/103 2 pc Recliner /Ottoman-Gun Metal Nubuck bonded leather
Vinci-S Model 914/103 Mac Motion Recliner Chair-Bonded Leather