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Customer Reviews

Customer ReviewsI just have to say Stan Jones is a pleasure to deal with his no nonsense policies are tried and true we followed the instructions on how to handle a damaged box I took pictures of the damaged box then opened the box and found no farther damage I must admit I was expecting trouble not so the chair inside big man comfort king recliner was in perfect condition so we had no problems at all sincerely D. Ney Pine Grove Pa 17963 3-10-2024

(Catnapper Mammoth) The 1st expression is WOW, finally a chair that fits, at first its size is impressive. It is not overly plush, but firm, when I sat in it to try it out for the 1st time , my legs were supported as I got adjusted I literally took a 2.5 hour nap . I was out, a very solid nap, was hard to wake up. I spent another 15 mins just fully wake up. It had arrived faster than expected, Stan was absolutely on top of the order and delivery was 3 days after the initial order. The only regret I have is not getting the Catnapper Mammoth sooner. Thank you so much Stan!

Darrell. MALTA BEND, MO 65339. 10/18/2023

This seller is fantastic. He does business the old fashion way. He's the owner of the company and he personally talks to you to answer all your questions about the chair and he helps arrange the delivery with the freight company so you're not wondering what's going on. They offer total customer satisfaction and they stand by the product. I'm very happy with this seller.

By Mike on April 14, 2023.

Received refund was posted to my account thank you for working with me on this matter. By James on March 31, 2023.

The seller was great but the chair arrived with one of the back buttons off ! I contacted the seller and he told me to contact the warranty department and they would schedule someone to fix it! By Billy on March 26, 2023.

My grandma loves it so far (it's been 4 days) By Dylan T. on February 25, 2023.

super fast delivery By Steve on February 24, 2023

Thank you.

marc. on February 8, 2023.

Seller was eager to please. Linda on January 29, 2023.

Firm and sturdy. Kristie on January 19, 2023.

Chair is wonderful. The only flaw is in the design of the arm rests. They should be higher and more cushioned. Too low and skimpily stuffed. Cannot say enough about the wonderful customer service. They were there every step of the way. Actually, this customer service experience is the best I have ever had. Debra on December 23, 2022.

This is the second Catnapper Recliner, but this one is the Dual Lift Chair. The best. Thank you Carmelita December 1, 2022

Thanks Misty. I appreciate it. So far, this is the best customer service I have ever received. Debra 12-1-2022

Perfect chair for my son Joan ORLANDO, FL 11-11-2022

The order didn't have the heat and massage listed. The seller rectified this issue quickly and promptly. JIM LEESBURG, FL 10-18-2022

Stan Jones was amazing making sure I got my chair. KENNY KILN, MS 10-20-2022

Very rapid response to communication request. Great to deal with. Mathew AUSTELL, GA 10-13-2022

This review is on Stan not the chair. Stan did everything possible to try to make me happy with the purchase and went out of way to do it. Would recomend buying from him again MARK PLAINFIELD, IL 9-24-2022

I deeply appreciate their help when my purchase got messed up. 9-16-2022

Item is exactly what I ordered Mark NILES, M 9-3-2022

Great seller. Followed up on delivery. Need more people like stan jones. Margaret North Aurora, IL 8-13-2022

Seller was very responsive. They were very helpful and went out of their way to make sure the customer's needs were taken care of. Also did everything to ensure the product was protected before, during and after arrival. Item was delivered At the earliest possible date of delivery window, with communication on date, time and carrier routinely updated. My family intends to purchase again! Robert REYNOLDSBURG, OH 8-3-2022

Had trouble finding the controller to my new recliner. Called Customer service, and we resolved my issue very quickly. Great experience. David SUMMERVILLE, SC 8-1-2022

I returned item. I received an immediate response. Stan arranged for the return freight and I agreed to pay for it by deduction of the refund. Stan stated that I would receive half of the refund from Amazon and the other half minus the freight by a check he would be sending by mail. I received all my money including the shipping. There were absolutely no problems. We received the refund. Dorothy CLERMONT, FL 7-5-2022

Love working with a family owned business. Mr. Jones went above and beyond to make sure we were satisfied with our purchase. Great communication both phone and email. Chair is just what we needed to help with a broken ankle now and senior comfort later. Thanks for the great service. Joyce REYNOLDSBURG, OH 6-30-2022

They were great! My item was large and shipped by a shipping company. Jones Glass & Decorating called me and told me when delivery would be made. I told them an 18 wheeler could make delivery, but changed my mind. Truck too big. I called them back, told them use smaller truck, they said "no problem". Delivery was made just as they said it would be. So happy with their service. Jackie AUSTIN, TEXAS


Jones Glass & Decorating is an awesome seller. All dealings with them have been outstanding and as trustworthy as it gets. I will always have future dealings with them if the need arises! When you can find a company like this you never consider moving on. I believe in a company with high morals and very solid policies are to be "respected for their efforts". William NEW WINDSOR, MD 5-5-2022

WOW!!! Fantastic service!! From the time I ordered my chair until delivery Jones Glass and Decorating communicated with me and answered all my questions. The chair arrived 6 days earlier than expected and in great condition. Thank you so much for the prompt courteous service! If you need a chair please contact this seller! You will not be disappointed! Awesome seller with great service!! Mark Fleetwood, PA 5-4-2022

They have answered my questions promptly and courteously. Hopefully my problem will be resolved. Lorraine LAS ANIMAS, CO 81054

This item did not have the plastic wrap around the base unit so there was sawdust embedded in the fabric, too much of a pain to ship back so we're living with it (didn't vacuum out either), appears the item might have been returned and it wasn't QC'd before reshipping as new. Too pricey to arrive in this condition. The brand is good but can't recommend the seller. Joseph FREDERICK, MD 21702

On 4/15/2022 I found a dealer, Jones Glass & Decorating (the Owner of the company) Stan Jones and talked directly to him. He had the chair in stock and I told him I had to get a refund form the other seller. I called him back on 4/18/2022 and told him I received the refund. I purchased the chair Monday 4/18/2022 (1:00 pm) and he shipped it from his Virginia Warehouse. I cannot believe my eyes..... it was delivered to my house (Crystal River, Florida) THURSDAY 4/21/2022 at 2:45pm. I'm 84 yrs old and just had hip replacement so a neighbor had it unboxed - assembled - in my front room working in less than one hour. Stan Jones is unreal !!! You can't even get a letter mailed and delivered that fast. You can't call ANY Company today and talk with anyone = wait on the phone and get a run around for hours. Call Stan Jones and he answered the phone ( plus, he was in his car and said he would call back when he got in his office) 10 Minutes later he called. I have (2) Emails from him to make sure the delivery was handled correctly and NO damage. If there is ANY PROBLEM, call him and he would take of it. NO WHERE today can you find service like that. (5) Stars to him. I wish I could give him (10) Stars. Robert B. Crystal River, Florida 34428 4-29-2022

Stan Jones is the best! He is extremely knowledgeable and informative in the selection of the right chair for one's needs. I would, and have, purchase(d) a chair from him again! 10/14/2021 C. Fanto

Your recliner is great, however when putting together one hole was not drill through all the way, which made it harder to put together. I'm thinking about buying another one, not sure yet. 10-13-2021 K. Raye

Chair arrived in crushed box on broken pallet. Stan Jones, the President of Jones Glass & Decorating went the extra distance to assure that my chair worked, worked well and that I was satisfied. This man and this company 5 star! I bought with the confidence that I would not be disappointed.......I WASN'T! 10/4/2021 J. S. O'Connell

Thank you for your prompt attention to the delivery. It could not have been smoother. I am happy you recommended the expedited delivery. We could not believe how quickly we had the chairs in our possession. Thank you! 9-24-2021

Hi Stan, The chairs came and the boxes were in pretty bad shape. The driver wanted us to get up in the truck to look at the boxes and chairs as I think he thought he would be returning them! Alas, when we got the chair pieces out, they were all just fine. They are in our living room being enjoyed as I write this!

My chair arrived as scheduled yesterday. It was in excellent conditions with no issues. I can say with 100% confidence the Lane Stallion Wallsaver Recliner is by far the best big man recliner on the market. Iíve owned several in the past, a great chair. Also, Jones Decorating must have some special deal with Lane. My local furniture company that Iíve purchases tens of thousands of dollar worth of furniture cannot get the Lane Stallion chair in leather. The only Lane recliner they can get is the Clint in leather. I have one of those, itís does not set as good as the stallion. Thanks K. Brabble 8-11-2021

I have made two purchases from Jones Glass and Decorating. Both times I was help by the owner Stan Jones. Seems like an amazing gentlemen. Helpful, courteous a real pleasure to deal with. Edward F. 7-25-2021

I purchased a lift chair from you for $1497.93 and it says it shipped on Nov. 25th and today is Nov. 30th. I called Estes about shipping and talked on the phone to 3 different people for a total of an hour and 6 minutes. It took over 35 minutes to get to talk to the first person. Ridiculous. My wife is disabled and canít even get out of her chair to get to the bathroom. DYER, IN 46311

Response. I am sorry that you had a problem with the shipping on this order. All of our listings show 1 to 2 weeks for transit time. These large recliners can not be shipped by plane so it takes much longer transit time than smaller items. Again I am sorry that you were on hold for such a long time with the freight company. Unfortunately in the world we live in today, nothing seems to go as quickly as we would like it to go.

We got the Catnapper Cloud 12 recliner from Jones Glass and Decorating through Amazon I called Jones Glass and Decorating and Stan gave me information that helped me decide to buy the recliner. After ordering the chair with curbside delivery my 78 yo husband realized he was no loner Superman We called Stan and he gave us options for white glove delivery. However we were able to find two young friends who are skilled in moving and they moved the chair to our second floor and helped assemble it. Stan is a knowledgeable, helpful ,friendly and professional salesman. I highly recommend Jones Glass and Decorating and Stan. I will not hesitate to recommend them to others and to buy my other needed recliner through Stan The Catnapper Cloud 12 is very comfortable We were able to see the strong plywood and mechanical parts when we put together the back with the bottom My husband has already started using it for cat-naps (pun intended Judy M. 4-1-2021

Very helpful and willing to work with you - Stan Jones is a gentleman. 3-1-21. Cathie ROCHESTER, NY

I mistakenly ordered this with the wrong card. When I realized what happened I contacted the seller and the were able to cancel the order. I intend to repurchase this product when it is available again. The Seller was prompt and courteous I intend to continue to purchase from them in the future. I have my eye on another product from them in the near future.. 2-17-21

I was looking to buy a Lane Big Man Comfort King chair for my boyfriend for Christmas but was unable to find it locally (Detroit, MI) online. I wasnít going hunting it down in person during a pandemic. I stumbled across Jones Decorating and Glass on my online search. I was easily able to find the exact chair I wanted on their website. The ordering process was easy and I received an email confirmation with the details and expected delivery window since it had to be made and wasnít in stock. Just received the chair yesterday within the time frame window. The shipping company engaged was very friendly and had a great tracking system on their website. The chair is perfect and so was my experience shopping with Jones Decorating and Glass. Thank you Stan! April P. Feb 2021

The item arrived ahead of even the earliest estimated delivery date. The seller immediately contacted me through email regarding my chair's delivery and to make sure that the address and phone number were correct. The day before the delivery, the seller contacted me again via phone to fill me in on what to expect when I got delivery, and that driver would 30 minutes before arriving. 1-31-2021. Michael STREETSBORO, OH

I received chair 5 days after purchase. Itís comfortable and sturdy. I am 5í10 and my feet do not hang off. 1-15-2021 Leanne F W

I had a small problem with part of the listing, but Jones Glass & Decorating returned my contact in a reasonable amount of time. In fact, the owner himself called me back. We worked everything out, and they are as good as their word. Jones Glass & Decorating is a company you can trust. 1-23-21. Matt

Stan, you are the absolute best and I so appreciate your kindness and generosity! God bless you 10 fold. 12-30-2020 Catherine

I'm a disabled vet in a wheel chair. I was very displeased with the seller's attitude. It was an , I don't care type. all he did was quote me the return policy. He let me know that it was my responsibility to return in excellent shape. I told him the original box was now defective, but he did not care. They come off with caring, but Quoting their policy was easier. 12-17-2020

Answer. This gentleman purchase a Lane Stallion rocker recliner for his son. For some people feel that the rocker recliners rock back too far and their feet do not reach the floor. This is an easy adjustment . This is why his son wanted to return the recliner. I tried to explain to the customer that this was an easy fix and that it was very expensive to return a recliner when there is nothing wrong with the recliner. As a father I know that he was just looking out for his son and wanted things to go well for him. After I talked to the father I called the son, helped him make the adjustment so his feet would reach the floor and he decided to keep the recliner.

Hi Stan I just wanted you to know that our recliner arrived on time in good condition. My husband is very happy with it. It's much more comfy than his previous chair. and I just wanted to thank you and tell you that the shipping went fairly well. We did have to go down to the expressway and pick it up. because they could not drive up our road. It was a really big truck and we did not want them them to come up the road any way. Thanks Again and have a great New Year. R Rogers. 01/18/2021

Arrived much quicker than expected. Excellent communication with delivery! Was for my elderly father who absolutely loved it! He is tall and lanky and said this is the first recliner that his feet didn't hang over. Sep 4 2020

I recently found myself looking at having to have multiple surgeries severely limiting my movements especially from sitting to standing as well as having to need to sleep in a recliner for weeks. I started looking for lay flat recliner lift chairs and found several but few in my size range. I am 6'3" 340 pounds. I ended up late one night finding the Lane Big Boss Lay Flat Recliner Lift chair. After exhaustively looking into all measurements I ended up looking at the customer reviews. I think I may have read 80% of them and just finally decided to contact the company the morning. One thing I remember from all the reviews was a man named Stan helping them. When I heard the morning greeting the next day with a, "my name is Stan, how can I help you?" I immediately told the gentleman that I was so relieved to hear the name Stan helping me and that after reading all the reviews I had the night before I was confident in a successful purchase. Stan took all my information and listened to my dilemma and took on the task to find the chairs availability and the color i desired. He found the chair I wanted in stock within 30 minutes. I immediately filled out the paperwork, purchased the chair and set up delivery ASAP. The chair arrived today, 6 days after I found it on the internet with Jones' Company and I am sitting in it weeks in advance of my surgeries. Thank you so much for everything you did. I cannot express my sincere gratitude. Glenn 8-31-20

I was able to get help this past weekend to get into house and putting together was simple enough, however remember last feedback there was a foot that had poked through box, that leg on metal piece was bent. Chair rocked when set up. My nephew had to use a vice grip and work with it for a while to get it straight. As I had told you, box was not in great shape. Shipping not done gently. FYI. 7-6-2020


I purchased my Lane Knox recliner from Stan on the phone site unseen. I am very happy to report that the recliner was delivered set up and put in place by the delivery men as promised. The chair is everything and more than Stan told me. He also went out of his way to give me tips over the phone on how to easily adjust the chair to even better fit my needs. The lane Knox recliner is a terrific product for big and tall men..yet the service and help that Stan gave me was the icing on the cake. If you need a great recliner.. I highly recommend you contact Stan at Jones Glass and decorating at their internet site on line. You wonít be disappointed! Mike Brassard. SARASOTA Fl. 5-26-2020

The seller was prompt in cancelling our order, since the rocker, recliner went unavailable or sold out. I would have hoped it was as described because it would have matched our remodel perfectly. Thank you for the prompt service. I would try this company again if the need arises. Thank you.

This company is wonderful. Great customer service. They answered all my questions and treated me as a valued customer By Dee on May 12, 2020.

Hey Mr. Stan it's Karen Johnson. We ordered that chair from you for Jimmy . We just picked it up at the freight company. It took us about 10 minutes to put together. Jimmy's laying in it's very comfortable very very nice. Thank you so much. . We are very satisfied thank you Mr. Stan bye bye. 4-23-2020

The chair was just as written. The color was very nice. The delivery was more prompt than we ordered and the delivery man was very cordial and polite. I would have no qualms to order again it need be. The chair was very comfortable. By Kindle Customer on April 22, 2020.

I am humbled by this company and their compassion. I had some problems that were arguably not their fault, but they still helped me and turned this grouchy customer into a humbled happy one! By Killah-brew on April 2, 2020.

When this was ordered note said delivery between 3/2 - 3/11. NOW you said 2 to 4 weeks from today. Not acceptable and false advertising. Cancel the order By Pam Chaffee on February 25, 2020.

Only took about 6 days. Exactly as described. At 6 ft 8 inches and 360 lbs this is the first chair I ever had I can rest the heels of my feet on the foot rest. This is a true big man chair. By DLDenney on February 21, 2020.

I had to change my order at the last minute and Mr Jones (the owner who took my call!) was extremely helpful. Would be glad to do business with them again. The chair is everything we hoped it would be with very rugged construction and superb comfort for a tall person. By James D. Williams on February 18, 2020

I love this chair and will never give it up. I just wanted to let you know, I am delighted with your company's service, but delivery ran flat. The box did have a large hole in the bottom, but nothing was damaged, and I didn't care about the box. I do look forward to dealing with you again in the future. Irene 12/06/2019

Hey Stan This is Doc. I called you earlier today about getting the back on my Stallion recliner. I just wanted you to know that I got it together. Just wanted you to know that I do still have one problem. I can not get my wife to get out of the chair. Everything is working perfect and I appreciate your help. You're a very courteous person and I thank you very much . Doc. 8-23-2019

Dear Mr. Jones,

I have received this beautiful recliner and am having a very hard time getting off of it. The plush fabric is so soft and comfortable, my little dog has claimed it and sometimes allows me to sit beside her. The color looks perfect in my living room and I'm thrilled with this purchase.

I am not happy with the delivery company, as I was told they would be here between 12 pm and 4 pm. We couldn't go out in the morning, as we would be in a time crunch if they were early. We eagerly waited all day, our time is valuable too. I called and was informed it was due to be delivered late in the afternoon, and we we 3rd from the last delivery. The delivery service sent only one man with a box truck full of deliveries. I'm certain this wasn't their first delivery and were quite unfair to us holding us under house arrest until the evening. He was polite and it did arrive in perfect condition some time after 6:30 pm. You and I don't know how many packages are in this truck, but they know, and the delivery company knew the route. They also knew that our packages was one of the first packed into the truck. I feel they were unfair in not advising us of a realistic time for delivery.

Jones Glass and Decorating made it very easy to purchase our new recliner. Their website had all the information needed to make an intelligent decision. Once ordered we had regular follow up from them to ensure we knew when and what to expect with the shipment. It was a wonderful experience. Libby C 8-27-2019

By Marilyn B. Saul on May 8, 2019. 3 out of 5 stars My problem was with delivery...I didn't find out until 2 days after ordering the recliner the there was a $230.00 charge to have the packaging removed and the recliner put inside my house my opinion it is deceptive when they say free delivery, this has been a bad experience because I had to get my own help to move the chair inside my house Ö


All of our recliners are sold with free curbside delivery. We offer Threshold delivery for an extra $50.00 where your purchase can be taken through your front door and White Glove delivery where you item it unboxed, set into your room of choice, assembled and packaging takeing off. If you need to return your order for any reason, it must be returned in the origional box. If you have any concerns it is important to not allow the delivery company to remove the box.

I am sorry that there was a misunderstanding on your delivery needs. Most people are happy with curbside delivery and do not want to pay for this extra service. If we included this with all of our deliveries we would have to raise the price on all of our customers even if they did not need the service. Stan Jones

5 out of 5 stars Absolutely GREAT seller! When Seller was out of stock of the color I ordered, Misty went the extra mile by contacting the manufacturer and finding a similar and totally acceptable color. And the "white glove" hauling/setup people were equally wonderful! I highly recommend buying from Jones Glass & Decorating!

4 out of 5 stars Did not arrive on May 6 as stated... came a week and 3 days later! By Bear_323 on May 23, 2019.

5 out of 5 stars It you EVER have the opportunity to deal with Jones Glass & Decorating, DO IT! These folks are fantastic. They communicated proactively before and after delivery, which was a day early. I actually looked for other things to buy from them just because of the servuce. By Charlie on May 28, 2019.

5 out of 5 stars This chair is a beast. It is heavy duty, but still comfortable. It is a recliner, but not a rocker. Really solidly built. By Doug on June 5, 2019.

Called Jones Glass Decor and got all of my questions answered over the ph. before ordering. They kept me informed about shipping times and what to examine during delivery. Its nice that they call you with time of delivery. Very nice Lane King chair. They let you choose the options that you want which isn't true with most furniture stores. Very Happy with the total buying and shipping experience Kurt A 2-12-19

I ordered two bone rocker recliners with swivel back in July. They are the most beautiful and the most comfortable recliners ever and the color is perfect, absolutely perfect. They are absolutely gorgeous and I just wanted to tell you thank you so much for all your help and I absolutely love them. Rhonda H 12-21-18

We received our Lane reclinerĎs and they are more than we hoped for! We would like to thank you for going above and beyond to help us when you could have just refunded our money instead you took the time to see that we were satisfied. Thank you and have blessed weekend! Jeffrey C 8-4-2018


Hi Stan!! Our second recliner from you has arrived safely and is being thoroughly enjoyed!! I cannot thank you enough for your amazing service!!! Best Regards, Michelle P 7-23-18

I like my chair! Delivery was on time & smooth. Thanks so much for your kind help. Rock C 7-8-18

I am sorry, but the delivery people had never seen the recliner either. They knew nothing about it. They just delivered it. Please call me if you Have any other questions. Stan Jones 800-446-7424

Well they delivered the chair and set it up but did not explain to the customer the operation of the chair. Martin Neil

Hi Stan, They delivered the chair today it was in perfect condition. Love the color. Thank you, Esther S 4-26-18

Hello! I received the new chair in perfect condition. The Lane Comfort King is just what I looking for, and at an unbeatable price! I appreciate your excellent quality and service. Best regards, Mary D 4-21-18

Hi Stan, Everything arrived a few weeks back, in good condition and working order. Iím sitting in the chair now! I just wanted to thank you for your help in getting this to Hawaii. Take Care, Mike W 4-4-18

Did not arrive on May 6 as stated... came a week and 3 days later! 5-23-19

Hi Stan, Our recliner chairs came today in fine condition. They look great and are very comfortable. Thank you for the excellent communication through the process and great overall customer service! Regards, Paul D 3-29-18

Absolutely GREAT! When Jones Glass and Decorating was out of stock of the color I ordered, Misty went the extra mile by contacting the manufacturer and finding a similar and totally acceptable color. And the "white glove" hauling/setup people were equally wonderful! I highly recommend buying from Jones Glass & Decorating! Marlyn S 5-8-2019

I had a small issue with one of two chairs ordered/received. Emailed my issue and received an immediate response from seller, Stan Jones. He followed up with a phone call, which I returned. After speaking directly, my issue was fully addressed. The company is professional, personable and honest. Coming from a 'jaded' New Yorker...this outfit is trustworthy. VSpahr 4-25-2019

The chair was delivered this am. Thank you very much for your great service. Doris J 3-19-18

Chair was delivered yesterday but we were sick and brought it in this morning. Love it, very comfy and very beautiful. Am pleased with your service and such a nice product. Love the color and material too. Very Happy with the Valor Chair.Thanks again, Helen W 3-14-18

Jones Glass and Decorating was prompt in answering my questions. The shipping place gave me a time of delivery around 9am. The chair didn't get here till 12 no sooner or later. The box was heavily damaged but the chair was in good condition. S Vincent 2-8-19

Just wanted to let you know the chairs arrived this morning. Boxes were in perfect condition, as are the chairs. Love them and they fit nicely into our home. They are stiff when trying to recline them, but should become easier with use. So glad I ordered them, thanks for the support through this process. Well worth waiting for. Valerie B 1-30-18

The chair arrived today. Just right!! Thank you! Terry H 1-22-18

Just wanted to let you know. the chair was delivered yesterday right on schedule, and in perfect condition. It is beautiful and I really love the chair. It was a pleasure doing business with you. Linda L 1-18-18

The recliner arrived today in good condition and the old one was picked up. My husband loves the chair. Thanks for your help with the process. Cathy M 1-16-18

If you need a Lane Recliner this is the place to buy it. Great quality very good price excellent delivery. Outstanding customer Service. Stan was great to work with called to keep us informed throughout entire process of purchase to delivery. Very happy in Pennsylvania! Lori M 1-11-18

Well they delivered the chair and set it up but did not explain to the customer the operation of the chair. 2-15-19 N Martin

Response I am sorry that you had a problem understanding how to operate your recliner. The delivery people are just that, delivery people. Even though they set up the recliner, they did know know anything about the operation of the recliners. If you have any further questions please feel free to call me at 800-446-7424 Stan Jones.

My problem was with delivery...I didn't find out until 2 days after ordering the recliner the there was a $23o charge to have the packaging removed and the recliner put inside my house my opinion it is deceptive when they say free delivery, this has been a bad experience because I had to get my own help to move the chair inside my house Ö Josepy Aaron

Just wanted to advise you that we took delivery of our chair last Wednesday and it is perfect. It was perfectly packaged, no damage, and the color is beautiful. This was a replacement for the same model of chair that we had inadvertently damaged when the reclining mechanism got jammed and we didn't realize it. This was my husband's favorite chair and we could not be happier with the replacement we purchased from you. The color is perfect and we so appreciated the swatches your company sent to help us decide, not to mention that it arrived sooner than expected.

I just wanted to tell you what a great experience we had with your company from start to finish. Thank you very much for everything! Kristin B 1-10-18

We received the chair today and I am sitting on it now. It is exactly what we wanted and at the best price. Thanks so much, Rose 12-29-17

We got the recliner in and it looks just like the one I bought 14 years ago fantastic. Thank you sir for everything and getting it out very fast to me. Kudos to you sir. Thanks and Best Regards Kevin M 11-16-17

Exceptional customer service. Rep was easy to work with and shipping company was great. Randall R 11-15-17

Got my chair today... and boy do I love it!!! Works beautifully and fits me perfect. Love it honestly!!! Thanks for the fast and easy delivery. Great job!!!! Richard H. 11-13-17

Got the rocker yesterday, it is great. I am 6ft 8in and the regular chairs are like standing from the floor position, it's very comfortable thank you for your help I will send everyone I can to you for business Thanks Charles W 11-9-17

It's always a little scary to do business with a new company. But I liked their price and thought I'd give them a try. Another plus was that they had PayPal as a payment option. Stan Jones emailed me confirming my purchase and then again when the item shipped. My recliner arrived on the day estimated, and I couldn't be happier with the entire process. I will definitely do business again. Thanks and I love my chair. I'm 6' 2" and weigh 300lbs ( yah, a big guy) and this recliner is awesome, I am thrilled. Thanks again David H 10-7-17

The Lane chair was delivered on Friday and I am very pleased with it. I was matching another chair I had purchased from Ashley Furniture and it matches great. Nice doing business with you. Nancy F 10-2-17

Got my chair yesterday. So far so good. Just a little different than my old one and others. A little higher, super comfortable. I'm happy. Thank you so very much for working with me. I love the color and material. Have a Blessed week!! Deborah A 9-26-17

I liked my recliner so much that my son and daughter want one for their house. Bill F 9-21-17

I received my recliner and it was beautiful only upon delivery the box had been punched a hole, looked like a forklift had lifted the box and it left a small hole in the side of my recliner. I was able to get it fixed and Jones Glass & Decorating paid for it. I was able to keep my recliner and am very happy. This seller goes over and beyond in customer service. I will order again in the future. They also have the best prices on furniture that I could find. Thanks for a wonderful product. Sandra K 9-14-17

I got my couches and they are beautiful, thank you. Thank you again. Deanna B 9-12-17

I give jones five stars for there quick response order was shipped in two days and arrived in salt lake two days later but unfortunately the shipper who resides about ten miles from me estes trucking cant deliver for 20 days to me that is unacceptable so i will not order from jones again or until they get a reliable shipper Brian H

Thank you for helping me pick a recliner. It arrived in good shape on Friday. I looks great except for the cheesy looking vinyl covered lever. It operates smoothly and effortlessly. It seems a bit overstuffed right now, but am sure it will become even more comfortable as the stuffing packs down a little. Thank you again. I really appreciate the way you do business, and the effort you put into making sure I knew what I was ordering. Barry C 9-10-17

Hi Stan, I just want to thank you for your quick action on getting my chair fixed in such a timely way. Everything was fixed with the new cushion and I really appreciate your help. Bev I 9-8-17

What sold me was the phone call I made asking about a couple of details. I spoke to a gentleman whom I could tell was proud of his business and quality of product. I've felt used by other company's but this guy made me feel comfortable buying from his company solely based on his pride in the product and business. I feel confident if anything goes wrong he would do everything possible to fix the problem. Thanks for the great conversation! Victor B 9-5-2017

We wish to thank you very much, the chair came in today. It was in great condition. Thank you and have a wonderful day. Eileen C. 6-21-17

Reporting that the recliner was supposed to be delivered on June 21, 2017, per a phone call received last week. To my surprise, on June 19, 2017, received a call from the crew doing the delivery that they would be at my house in 15 minutes to set up the recliner. Of course, we were not ready for the delivery, and panic set in. Well, it turned out that everything worked out just fine.

Now the guys that delivered the recliner truly provided "white glove service". They took the recliner out of the box, and before touching the recliner to bring it into the house, both of them asked if they could wash there hands, which they did in my kitchen. I was impressed. I showed them where the new recliner would go, and they proceeded to take the old recliner outside on the patio deck. They then went back to the truck, carried the recliner into the house, very carefully, because it was pretty heavy. It took them about 10 minutes to put the back on the recliner and position it. I sat in the recliner and the guys repositioned it several time so that the recliner would not touch the wall when I was in the full reclining position.

I am certainly pleased with "white glove service", and glad that I paid for it. There would have be now way for me to move the recliner into the house and set it up by myself, especially in my temporary handicapped situation. Now the recliner color( med blue) is even more elegant when seen up close, rather than what is seen on the computer. The fabric texture is more enhanced too. It is very comfortable, and fits my 6'6" frame. I could not have picked out a more perfect recliner and talking to you and your assurance certainly helped. Thanks again for the outstanding customer service you personally provided. I am waiting for the cap covers, and the cover for the head rest area. Clifford A. G 6-20-17

Dear Stan, I'd like you and others you talk to know how happy I am with my Lane Stallion oversized Comfort King recliner. Your service was great and your assistance with my purchase exceeded all expectations. My only problem with the chair is that it is too comfortable. I find myself falling asleep in it way too often. I would whole-heartedly recommend you and Jones Decorating to anyone contemplating purchasing a recliner online. In my book you rate 5 stars.

Thanks again, R. Jackson Sweetwater, Texas

Hi, Stan and Misty: I enjoyed doing business with you! You told me what to expect, and that was exactly what happened. I appreciate that kind of integrity. Sincerely, Pat 5/26/17 P.S. I also like the chair.

The chair arrived the other day and words cannot describe how happy I am with it. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for your excellent customer service and attention. It has been my pleasure doing business with you and I will pass on your website of awesome quality furniture to family and friends.

Thanks again, and God Bless, *****Very happy customer ***** David 5-20-17

Hi there, recliner was delivered and it's huge.*:)) Husband says it's very comfortable and we call it.. his throne. Am very happy with the purchase. Even our grand son gave his approval. Thank you.. Inez 4-8-17

My chair was just delivered. As far as I can tell it's exactly what I ordered (leather top, right color, swivel base, manual) and perfect (no damage, works fine). Thank you so much! Michael B 4-8-17

Hello Stan, Just wanted to let you know that the recliner I ordered arrived today. It is absolutely beautiful. Thank you so much! Shawn 3-27-17

I received my recliner yesterday. It is awesome! Thank you! :-) Cynthia 3-24-17

I went to the shipping terminal today and picked up MY BEAUTIFUL CHAIR!!! Very Pleased with buying process from Jones Decorating Joe 3-23-17

Got it yesterday, Stan. I'm very happy with it. Thank you. Carl 3-14-17

I received the bolt that was missing from my chair. Installed it and it works great. My chair is great and i like it very much. Thanks for your quick response and will recommend you if I know of anybody looking for a great chair. Regards, Ken 3-11-17

Stan - Chair arrived. It is perfect!! Thank you, thank you!! Kit 3-10-17

I just received my recliner today. It's gorgeous! Suzanne 3-7-17

Hey Stan- Just wanted to let you know, it has been a real pleasure dealing with you. I had a great sleep in my new chair last night despite being told via email that it would not be available till Monday. There was minimal damage on the carton but I decided to accept anyway. Maybe we can do this with other household items! Aloha, Dean 2-18-2017

My chair arrived in excellent condition, all went well with the delivery, and I am very pleased with my chair. Thank you so much! It was a pleasure doing business with your company and I will definitely recommend you! Laura 1-22-2016

Stan, The recliner I ordered was delivered today. I am thrilled and wanted to let you know it got here okay. I knew the waiting would pay off and wouldn't hesitate to order a Lane recliner through your company again. You did an excellent job keeping me updated. Thanks again. Sincerely, Bryan 12-16-2016

To STAN JONES Hi Stan. My chair arrived in good condition this afternoon and I am very pleased. I have a 10 year old version of this chair in another room. After setting in my new recliner I think I'll be ordering another soon to update my old one. Thanks for the excellent service with my order. Kraig 10-7-16

Mr. Jones - I just want to write and let you know that we received the recliner ordered in August. The chair is beautifully constructed and very comfortable. Thank you for your work, Joseph 10-7-16

Hi Stan, I apologize this email is so belated but we were in the process of moving over the past few weeks. I just wanted to let you know that the replacement recliner you sent to us arrived safely & in perfect condition. It was packaged much better this time with noticeable fragile signs on the box. It is a beautiful recliner & we are very pleased with it, along with your excellent & speedy customer service. Thank you so much! We will recommend you & your site to others, for sure. Thanks again & have a wonderful fall season. Very sincerely, Pamela and Wade 9/29-16

I picked Jones Glass and Decorating Center, because the website was clear in what you offered, and the pictures were easy to see. You did have the best prices as I compared your site to others for the same Lane high rise lounger. I ordered the whit glove delivery, and in a few minutes they had the chair just where my husband wanted it to be, The material and workmanship is outstanding. Your service is so personal, always keeping one informed. Yes, I would buy again from Jones Glass and Decorating Center, and I would certainly refer you to family and friends. Sincerely, Laota P. 07-10-2016

My husband and I purchased a Lane Recliner from Jones Glass and Decorating Center. It was our first time purchasing a piece of furniture by order via the internet but has been one of the best service experiences we've had. We had already purchased a Lane Recliner from a local retailer. After having the piece a year or so, we were interested in purchasing another. Unfortunately, the local retailer went out of business and we were unable to find another retail store that could provide the same recliner. After a search on the internet, my husband found the recliner on the Jones Glass and Decorating Center site. We called to get a couple fabric samples and they arrived at our home a couple of days after the call. We placed our order and discovered that delivery of the piece was going to be free! Wow. We received a call confirming our order and giving us a timeframe on when the piece would ship. Within the timeframe given, we received a call letting us know that the recliner had shipped and should be received on a certain day. We were to get a call from the shipping company letting us know an approximate time of delivery, however that call never happened. This was the only part of the experience that was less than satisfactory. The delivery showed up and luckily my husband was home. The delivery driver indicated he wasn't supposed to help with deliveries but did anyway. The recliner arrived in great condition and was exactly as we expected. We would definitely recommend Jones Glass and Decorating Center to anyone looking for a piece of furniture. Peggy G. Charlotte, NC 6/20/16

We received the arm covers yesterday, June 10 via UPS. They are well made and fit great. Thanks again for getting us an update on delivery. We are Very Satisfied with your Store and Lane Furniture. Thanks Again, Lewis D. 06-11-2016

I bought 2 Lane recliners on line from Jones Glass and Decorating Center. Before ordering with Stan Jones I researched the offerings of other websites. Jones Glass had the best selection and very competitive prices. Doing business with Stan was a pleasure. They handled every aspect professionally, from confirming my order, to arranging for white glove delivery and assembly, to following up on my satisfaction after delivery. I would definitely buy from Jones Glass and Decorating Center again, and recommend them highly. Kenneth L 6/5/16

Stan Jones great personality you sold me the chair, arrived in perfect condition and a little sooner than expected. what more is there to say? GREAT JOB Daniel S 6/01/16

The Lane Mission style chair is beautiful. It was made to order and the fabric choice was exactly what I wanted. I have had many compliments on the chairs looks and how comfortable it is. I am extremely happy with my purchase. I told my boyfriend this is a forever chair because I will have it forever. Thank you for such a quality product. Karen J 6/01/16

Thanks for my wonderful recliner love it . Shipping was great and your prices can't be beat thanks again. Dan E 3-25-16

I had a similar Lane chair which I purchased years ago. It was far better than any other reclining chair out there, including Lazy-Boy. When my son was two years old, he started charging across the room and diving into the chair. We thought this was cute for a year, but as he grew in size and weight, I noticed that the chair seemed to be coming a bit loose. I tried to stop him from attacking the chair, but he would continue to keep this up while I was out of the house. Long story short, the chair literally fell apart on me while watching football. Upon cheering for a Notre Dame touchdown, the leg rest fell off and the back of the chair fell back, almost touching the floor. Needless to say, my son killed by beautiful chair. These chairs are not cheap and with a new family, I did not want to spend all of the money for such a luxury. It wasn't until I found the great deal on Jones Glass for the chair that I actually broke down and purchased another Lane recliner. I couldn't pass up such a deal. I'm sitting in the chair as I write this email. Life is good again. It was a pleasure doing business with Jones Glass. -Richard C 3-21-16

We ordered a double rocking reclining loveseat by Lane and we couldn't be happier! We looked online for nearby stores, and the closest was about an hour away. All of the prices we saw were pretty high, and they only had a couple of colors/fabrics to choose from. Then we found Jones Glass and Decorating. The prices and selection looked great, but we were a bit leery of spending several hundred dollars online with a company we'd never heard of. But we saw the great reviews and decided to send an inquiry. Imagine our surprise when our e-mail was answered within 5 minutes! We asked for and received some fabric swatches, which we got within about a week. This, by the way, is fantastic because you can see and feel the fabric before making any commitment. We found one we liked and placed our order. It turned out that the quick response from Stan wasn't a one-off either. Each time we inquired about something, we got an answer almost immediately. When our loveseat was delivered it was placed exactly where we wanted it and the delivery guys installed the handles. It takes a bit longer to order furniture this way, but we saved several hundred dollars, and had a lot more choice when it came to fabric, so it was well worth the wait. I would highly recommend Jones to anyone who wants quality furniture with stellar customer service! ~ Lynne & Paul in Colorado 3-21-16

I chose Jones Glass and Decorating for my new recliner based on competitive pricing and free shipping. Customer service was excellent! I required special arrangements for delivery and the Jones Glass and Decorating representative was very professional and I am completely satisfied with my purchase and the entire experience. I would definitely recommend Jones Glass and Decorating to my friends! Ralph C. 3-21-16

Perfect... I could not be more pleased with Jones Glass. My order arrived 10 days ahead of schedule. I ordered two big & tall reclineres thru them. They secured white glove service for me, which I happily paid extra for, and was worth every penny. These are VERY large and substantial chairs! By J. Mercer on January 7, 2016.

Blessings for a happy new year! Beth T. 12-21-2015

Stan, Just a quick follow up. The chair was delivered and the delivery person was kind enough to help my dad get the recliner upstairs. My mom, who has congestive heart failure, has slept through the night in the chair for the past three nights. The first full nights sleep that she has gotten in weeks. Just wanted you to know that you have helped by simply being able to deliver what you promise.

I just got off the phone with you. It has been *YEARS AND YEARS* since I received such wonderful service from a business. You are sending me 2 swatches of green fabric. Could you possibly send me a swatch of the burgundy fabric shown at: Kit S 12-10-2015

Stan I'm super satisfied with your service, the chair we ordered arrived a day early, whahoo.. you'll be my first call in the future. thanks again . dave--11-09-2015

Enjoyed doing business with Stan. He was very informative, and helped a lot. They had the best price for the recliner I wanted, but I was concerned about its actual appearance. He provided pictures of the upholstery fabric, and even offered to send me a swatch. Shipping was included in the price, and was very fast. The chair exceeded our expectations, and we're very pleased with it. Communication was great, and all effort was made to insure our satisfaction. Thanks! Robert--11-9-2015

Last week or so my wife and I started looking to replace our old recliners as we had them for 10 years and they were getting not worn out but out of date..We found Jones Glass website ..was reffered by Amazon as we were looking for Lane products because that is what we had and had good service from them.I called Stan Jones and his prices were better than others for the Lane so I ordered two of the Lane recliners.They were delivered when Stan told me they would be very nice BIG MAN Size friendly service ..If I need more products will order from Stan. Thanks Myers O. 10-26-2015

Stan Jones was a pleasure to deal with..... every time I called he's the one that answered the phone..... prices were the best I would buy from him again in a heartbeat very very knowledgeable and informative do not hesitate to buy from this vendor....... Thank You Stan--10-26-2015

Why you picked us over other websites: I picked your company based on the price and reviews I read on your website, which were outstanding for price, ordering ease, delivery timeliness and product quality. How our price compared to others: The price of my Lane Magnate was less than some sites, more than others. Did we keep you informed about your order and about the delivery process: I felt like a member of your family during the entire process, with very prompt replies and service! Would you purchase from us again: Absolutely! No hesitations at all. I admit to some trepidation to ordering furniture, site unseen, online and felt I had to trust my instincts. The samples arrived promptly from Lane in N.C., which I returned with a thank you. The chair is slightly different (foot rest area and talon/ball feet vs. lion's paws) from my original Magnates, circa 1998, but still very pleased. Thank you 10-19-2015

Hi Stan,

We were very pleased with our purchase from you. We originally ordered these chairs from a local furniture chain. When they did not deliver the chairs when promised and failed to contact us, we cancelled the order. My wife looked for the chairs on line, found your web site, read the customer reviews, and ordered them from you.

The chairs were much less expensive than the price at the local furniture store and the chairs arrived when promised.

Both chairs had small tears in the fabric on the backs at the bottom. We watched them being unpacked and brought into our house and felt that the damage had not occurred then. We think it must have happened when the chairs were packed at the factory.

At any rate, a call to you and repairs were underway. We had to wait until new fabric for the backs arrived, but the repair facility you contracted for the repairs kept us notified of the progress. They contacted us to schedule a time for in-home repairs and the gentleman repairing them called that day to tell us he was on the way. He did a flawless repair, replacing the entire backs of both chairs.

Our experience purchasing the chairs and with the resolution of the damage problem was unbelievably easy. We didnít think this kind of great customer service still existed! We would not hesitate to purchase from you again and have already recommended you to several people. Thank you! John---10-19-2015

I ordered my Lane Rancho Comfort King Rocker recliner from Stan and got excellent service. 1 time they gave me his cell phone number and I called when he was out of state. The price I paid was considerable lower then the local prices and I got it with fabric I wanted. Stan had Lane send me the fabric samples I wanted and they arrived in less than a week. Once I ordered it, it was less then a month when I received it. I had a small problem with delivery, the freight company brought it on a 53' regular trailer. I had to help the driver unload it, but he helped me get it in the garage. Stan kept me very well informed and I will order again, next will be a sofa recliner with White Glove inside delivery. Thanks Mike C, Arlington Texas 09-28-2015

Hi Stan, It was a pleasure doing business with you. The customer service we experienced from both you and the delivery company were top notch. We chose Jones Decorating because you offered a very specific snuggler recliner in a style that was hard to find. The prices were lower than the other websites and the free white glove shipping was an added bonus. We were very pleased with the friendly service and the frequent updates we received on the status of our order during the entire process through delivery. The furniture we purchased is high quality and even better than anticipated. We would definitely purchase from Jones Decorating in the future. Sincerely, Darcy C. 9-23-2015

My chair arrived in perfect condition and I absolutely love it. Your company was wonderful to do business with and you kept me updated on everything. I will definitely use your company again and will refer you to my friends. Sandra S. 9-10-2015

Everything with the recliner is great! My experience with Jones Glass and Decorating has been fabulous. I purchased a Lane Belle recliner and absolutely love it! Their price is what enticed me to buy from them. Their customer service was also outstanding. I would definitely do business with this company again. Lisa H. 9-01-2015

Hi Stan, The chair arrived in great condition. It was simple to attach the back and everything seems to be well made. I am very happy with my purchase. I chose to order the chair from Jones Glass and Decorating, after much searching, because the prices were lower than many other carriers of Lane Furniture but what I really liked was that they offered more fabric choices than the other places that I searched. They also offered patterned fabrics which I was not able to find anywhere else online. I had read the reviews of other customers that had purchased from Jones Glass and Decorating and almost all of them mentioned Stan and how Stan had been very kind and helpful throughout their furniture buying experience. I had a few questions before I placed my order so I gave Jones Glass and Decorating a call and sure enough Stan answered the phone and he was very kind and helpful. I called a couple of more times over the next few weeks while I was waiting for my order to ship and every time Stan was on the other end of the phone to help me. He called me when it was time for the chair to ship so that I could be aware of it's arrival time. It was nice to deal with the same human each time and know that he remembered me. It was much better than dealing with a large company where you never talk to the same person twice and you are just an order # in their computer system. I don't usually buy new furniture and I expect this chair to last for many years to come but if I ever need to purchase another piece of new furniture I will definitely go back to Jones Glass and Decorating. It was a positive shopping experience. Thank you Stan! ~ Christina 6-18-15

Hello Stan. I just wanted to take this opportunity to comment on my purchase of a Lane Recliner. I visited numerous websites that offered Lane Recliners, and ultimately I decided on Jones Decorating. You had the best competitive price for what I was looking for. After calling your store and speaking with you, I felt very comfortable in placing the order with you. you made the whole buying process a pleasant one. I appreciated the way you kept me informed about the progression of the custom chair order(Great Communication). I opted for the ďWhite GloveĒ delivery,so that it would be brought inside and set up where I needed the chair to be(I have to use an oxygen machine in the evenings). The gentleman that performed this service were pleasant,efficient and professional. The chair is extremely comfortable and very well made. I will definitely purchase from you again. Thank you again, Stan, for an overall pleasant experience. Best of luck,Pete.--05-26-2015 Excellent Price Rating: Excellent Shipping Options Rating: Excellent Delivery Rating: Excellent Ease Of Purchase Rating: Excellent Customer Service Rating: Excellent Body: Jones Glass and Decorating is a great company to do business. They kept me informed though out the whole transaction. I would buy from them in the future if I ever need any furniture. I am highly satisfied! Tom--6-1-2015

Hi Stan, I just came across this past e-mail regarding the mistakenly burgundy recliner that we had received - and then remembered that I told you that Iíd send you an e-mail or call you to let you know of the re-delivery of the re-order on the recliner. It was successfully delivered a couple weeks back and is lovely (the tan colored material is exactly and altogether what we wanted - perfect for our dťcor). You and your company (as well as the Lane chair manufacturers) are great! Thanks for following through on everything so well. Conscientiousness is not something we encounter a great deal these days, and it is quite refreshing to have received the benefits of yours in the way we have. Thank you so much for being you! With warm regards and appreciation of the way you run your business, Gary P.--.5-23-15

Our recent experience with Jones Glass and Decorating Center was a breath of fresh air. Their web site offered exactly what we wanted and they also offered the best price. From the very beginning of our order to the delivery of our chairs, Stan Jones was in regular contact making us feel very comfortable with our purchase. We would not hesitate to do business again with them and would highly recommend the same to others. Linda & Mark G. 3-26-15

We picked Jones Glass and Decorating not only because they had the best price out of any site, but also their product description and process made it easy to choose the recliner we wanted. Stan was very communicative not only in helping confirm the order, but also in keeping us informed about the shipping process. The order initially stated it would take 6 to 8 weeks, but two weeks later we had our chair!!! Great service, great product, and we would definitely buy from Jones Glass again. Christian G 3-23-15

If you are searching for a Lane recliner, or any other product that Jones Glass sells online, let me assure you that you will be so very happy that you ordered from them. They listened to what I was looking for, and how long I was looking for it and helped me by telling me the whole process from ordering to delivery. I originally contacted them because I was looking for this particular recliner for some time and when I Googled the Lane recliner like I had so many other times, and this time their website came up. I read reviews, then I thought I would call and ask some questions. I spoke with Stan all about how long I had searched for this item, how much some websites were charging, plus charging extra to get it in the color I wanted, and charging for delivery. He assured me that the color selection for this particular color was included as was shipping and curbside delivery. I decided because of the presentation and how much better I felt after that conversation to purchase the recliner with them. The price was wonderful compared to all the other places I had shopped--and that was all that I had to pay. As far as I'm concerned, the next time I am in the market for furniture, I will check with Jones Glass first. I shopped at stores that were in my own small suburb and was going to be charged $75-$100 for delivery plus the price was higher for the chair. I would definitely purchase from them again. The personalized service and updates on the building and delivery process were beyond compare. Plus, if you get a really great delivery person like I did, he helped me unpack the chair and brought it right in to my living room where I wanted it. I could not have gotten better service anywhere. Katherine. Rosenberg Tx. 3-17-15

I recently purchased a Lane Swivel, Rocker, Recliner from Jones Glass and Decorating Center. My experience was wonderful. I searched everywhere locally for this recliner. When I decided to expand my search to the internet, I was very disappointed with the outcome, until I searched the Jones Glass and Decorating Center website. They specifically had exactly what I was looking for. When I spoke with Stan Jones, he could not have been nicer and more helpful. He even helped me choose the exact color I wanted. I would definitely purchase from them again. By the way, my recliner looks fabulous in my Family Room. >Kathy -3-11-15

Hi Stan, just wanted to let you know we received our recliner about 30 min ago. It was one day shy of 6 weeks, so they did good. I did as you asked, noted on the delivery receipt that the box was torn and open in many places. But it did not seem to affect the recliner at all. The color is not exactly the color in my room, but very close. So of course that makes me happy. If we have to point out any thing negative it would be how they put/or didn't put the staples in the material and wood. It looks like they missed their spot and put in 4-5 staples all in one spot. And several of them were sticking out. So my husband went around it and hammered them in. With all that being said, I am pleased with it. I had a hard time finding this size and material and also a Lane product. So ordering it on line without seeing/touching the material, worked anyway. Now we just have to sit on it a lot to get the seat just the way we like. The seat is so high because it is so firm. Guess we were used to our old worn out one. Haha Thanks again for your help. I wouldn't hesitate to order from you again. Take care in Utah. Kathy Y 03-04-2015 VA

Your company had the item I was looking for and at a price which surpassed other places, especially here in CA. Add to that the free shipping and it was a sale from the start. You spent a lot of time with me on the phone regarding the delivery and tried to accommodate my wishes for which I was most grateful. I believe I was dealing with a very honest and knowledgeable man as you even took the time to tell me about Laneís background and service. Yes, I would certainly do business with you again. Sincerely, Justine, San Bruno, CA-03-04-15

Stan, Thank you so much for making our Lane recliner purchase so easy. We were informed all through the process on when the recliners would be available to us for delivery. Your price was very competitive and we were not able to find a lower price anywhere. Our local furniture store could not even come close to what you were offering the recliners for. You were so helpful with the information on the delivery with the shipping company. I have ordered lots of products over the web and this was one of the easiest we have experienced. I am so glad that we found your site on the web. Thanks again, Cindy--2-19-2015

My parents have 4 Lane recliners, the oldest being 14 years old. They have been more than satisfied with them, thats why I chose to buy one. I wasn't able to buy one locally so i checked on line and found Stan with Jones Decorating. Very good experience, Stan was excellent from the start. I got my chair delivered to me in less than 2 weeks and love it. Exactly like I ordered. Price was the best I found with top notch professionalism. Will definitely buy from Stan again. Thanks Bob P--2-19-15

I picked Jones Glass and Decorating based on the lowest price & having it in stock, the next lowest price was about 50 $$ cheaper but when I ordered it, they didn't have it in stock (error on their website). You did keep me informed on my order, and the delivery process was painless and quick. I would purchase from you again. Josh Z 2-07-15

Stan, I received the Lane recliner today in perfect condition and want to thank you for the smooth transaction in doing business with you. I was hesitant to order online but am very pleased that I did. Margaret--2-7-2015

Good Morning Stan - recliners arrived last Thursday - both in good condition - no problems - thank you for a great shopping experience! - Margaret B. 1-29-2015

Good Morning Stan. I found the chair on your site by searching several places for the Mac Motion chair. You had the item I was looking for and the price was competitive with others. From ordering the chair to delivery, it was a smooth transaction. I appreciated the personal contact with you, email and phone calls. The chair was even delivered to the minute, of when it was to arrive by FedX. Thank you. Loraine B. 1-26-15 We had purchased this model recliner about 8 years ago but due to a fire, it was necessary to replace it. I found JG & DS as a result of a Google search for Lane products. The pricing, given that the shipping was included and there was no sales tax, as an out of State purchase, was extremely attractive and therefore more than competitive. Mr. Jones was very knowledgeable with the Lane line, and was easily able to identify the replacement recliner (style, material, color). I was kept fully abreast of the delivery situation by E-mail and the chair arrived as promised and on time. Kudos for the follow up after ordering. Bottom line, I would not hesitate to purchase a product with JG & DS should the need arise. Alan G. 1-29-2015

Stan did a great job explaining the options on the chair. The order came on time and the delivery was curb service but driver put it in the garage for my wife. Chair is awesome very comfortable. Thanks Stan. Robert 1-21-2015

This may sound like a less than positive review, but it's an honest one. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend your company to anyone but not without the cautionary note I've indicated above. Cecelia 1-06-15

Had to cancel be caused it was not going to be here by January 2016 I actually did see this chair in a retailer around home this past weekend. it was very quality but about $150 more than you offer. Disappointed By C Sprinkle on December 30, 2015.

Very accommodating to my problem and worked to solve everything with the delivery. I would recommend them highly. By Old time Marge on December 27, 2015.

The best seller I have dealt with, hands down. Prompt emails and even called me with further instructions. Would absolutely do business with them again. By Jeremiah McQuiston on December 23, 2015.

"I found this chair by internet search. The price seemed quite reasonable for this manufacturer. The service end of the transaction was completely satisfactory. If I were to purchase another item from Jones Glass and Decorating Center I'd make a better plan for delivery, though. The chair was rolled from the truck to just inside my garage door leaving me to unpack it, move it into the house and assemble it myself. That last part of the process gave me a chance to exam the chair's underpinnings up close. The old saying about "you get what you pay for" is still as true as ever. Having made that observation, however, it's a comfortable chair...a value for the price.

When it was time for the chair to be delivered Stan explained that the delivery team was not permitted, for liability reasons, to bring the chair across my front door threshold. I would caution other elderly folk or those with limited physical strength to make sure they have help on the delivery end. Since it's not possible to break it down myself the savings on the chair purchase will be somewhat offset by the expense of having the large, bulky shipping container removed."

Did not arrive on May 6 as stated... came a week and 3 days later! C Stokes

I recently purchased two Lane recliners from Stanís Glass Company. The company was very easy to deal with. Stan put the order in for me and kept in contact with me until the chairs were delivered. One of the chairs had a staple sticking out and within four days Stan made arrangements for a local Lane repairman to come here to take care of this, which was done beautifully. The company is reliable and Stan is a very friendly and helpful person. The experience was totally positive. Also, the total cost of two chairs and delivery was less than the cost at our local department store for the same chairs. I totally recommend this company. Lauren--12-22-14

Great experience purchasing from Jones Glass and Decorating. Their website was easy to navigate and had the best information representing the product. I was looking to replace a Lane recliner we had and was able to match it exactly. Jones Glass and Decorating Center offered the best price I found online or in store. Was a little concerned making a large purchase like this online but right after placing the order, I received a phone call confirming from Stan and he reviewed the process with me. He set expectations with an estimated deliery date. He emailed me during the process to keep me updated. Once the chairs were shipped from the factory, he emailed me to be on the watch for a call to schedule the delivery. That happened within a couple of days of his email and the chairs were delivered right to my garage. They were easy for my Husband to uncrate and bring in the house. I will definitely look to Jones for my next purchase. No hassle, no stress shopping!! Thanks StanÖ. C. Brown Richmond VA 12-19-14

Very informative and kind told me exactly what to expect and when the shipping would be asked me to be sure to open the boxes and check the chairs to make sure every thing was undamaged this was to be done before signing the shipment papers. Very pleasant to do business with, a By SKJ on December 16, 2015.

I would highly recommend purchasing from Jones Glass and Decorating Center. The price for my recliner was exceptional. Even with the shipping charge to central MA, Jones Glass provided a significant savings. Perhaps more importantly, the personal contact and follow up both by phone and e-mail by Mr. Stan Jones demonstrated a sincere desire to provide the best service possible to the customer. Delivery was at the arranged time, and the delivery driver was both professional and very accommodating. Finally, the recliner was exactly as advertised. I could not ask for better service. Dr. John K--12-16-14

Stan Jones has been the best furniture shopping experience. I was nervous about ordering two recliners online, from an out of state company. However, I decided to take a chance . I had shopped locally and online and could not come near the price which included shipping. Sent in my order and Stan phoned back to let me know he would inform of shipping date. A few days later he called to say there were on the way. Five days later the shipper phoned with a time slot and delivered the next morning. They were placed in my garage and were in perfect condition. Stan phoned the next morning to make sure everything was OK. I have never had such positive and easy furniture purchase . Without hesitation I would recommend Stan Jones with his wonderful service and prices. Kathryn B--11-18-14

We've had the chair for a week or two and it's great. Thanks again! Geoff 10-20-14

I recently purchased two brown leather touch Timeless recliners by Lane. They arrived on schedule and were in perfect condition. The only assembly was to slide the back onto the base. The whole process couldn't have been easier. Jones Glass was very prompt. Prior to ordering, I called with a couple of questions and was treated very courteously. I had called a local furniture store and asked their price for ordering these chairs. i was quoted a price of over $700 each. I couldn't be more pleased with my chairs and Jones Glass. Eleanor .9-05-14

We were shopping for two recliners for our den and happened to find the lowest price by far at Jones Glass in Utah. At first we were a little skeptical about ordering such a large item on line but after speaking with Stan Jones we felt a lot more comfortable. These were the exact same chairs we had seen in the department and furniture stores we shopped at locally. Stan was right on top of the order from start to finish, Even after the chairs were delivered and we wanted an adjustment to the reclining mechanism he saw to it and we were quite pleased with the results. If you know what you are looking for and want excellent pricing and service, I would not hesitate to give Jones Glass & Decorating Center at call. Ask for Stan Jones. ******** Milt

Hi Stan:

Many thanks for all your help and here's my review: Working with Stan was great! I accidentally ordered the wrong type of recliners and contacted Stan right away. He saw it as a simple thing to fix and took care of it. When the recliners arrived without the pillows, he took care of it. He took me back to the ways of 40 plus years ago when it was common place for people to communicate, help each other and work together like decent human beings. It was a real treat! Thanks Stan. - PL I am "happy, happy, happy" with my recliners. I went with the rocker recliners that don't raise the foot rest alone, so I got the pillows which work great if I ever want to sit in a upright position, when it's reclined. After using them a while I find the recliners are cushy soft for rocking and for melting into with a sigh when reclining. - PL I got my chair today. It matches exactly. I am so pleased. What a great transaction! Thank you very much. Your company made my awful winter day into a fantastic day. (It's like 7 out...brrrr) Sincerely, B Lardie.

Hi mr Stan, the chair arrived today the delivery was good the driver even opened the box to check, the chair was in good condition and he helped me get it inside. he asked me the cost and could not believe it. the color is perfect size and seating is just right. doing business with you has been the best, no problem, the price was better than here in san Antonio. use my name any time as reference .------thanks Stan,-----ED.

We received the chairs on August 20. The quality and colors are both pleasing. We were impressed with the ease in receiving the chairs from the warehouse. Thank you so much for your service and the great deal. Peggy B---

The chairs arrived yesterday and were in perfect shape. We assembled them and enjoyed them while watching a movie. The hardest part of this whole change was getting the sofa bed out of the house! Thanks so much, Shelley---

We were very pleased with the product...and the customer service and quick response to questions or concerns by Shiloh. Thank you - and we would definitely look at your company when we are ready to make another furniture purchase. Patra M---

My wife and I bought two Lane Recliners. Jones Glass & Decorating did not have both in stock in the style we wanted. They went out of their way to find what we wanted and shipped it quickly. We were happy with your service. Thanks, Lee & Peggy---

Ordered two Lane chairs and could not have been easier and great follow up on phone and email so it was a perfect purchase. We love the chairs and would definitely buy again from this firm. Extremely satisfied with my shopping experience with this merchant in every way. Freight company very satisfying as well.

The experience we had with Jones Glass & Decorating can be summed up in one word, "Awesome". We ordered two Lane Stallion recliners with the latest Rain pattern fabric. We bought the optional heat and massage features too. The shipping was great with no defects in the product upon delivery. There was a little bit of work putting the backs on the recliners and moving the remote to appear on top of the seat cushion. It was super-easy to put together. After we finished the setup, we started the remote with the massage feature and we're suddenly developing smiles because it was such a wonderful surprise sitting side-by-side with my wife and how well it worked. We bought the recliners after cancelling a similar order with another company on the east coast because Stan had a better selection of product, good price, well-described website that was more appealing, plus it was a much more friendly and reassuring experience on the phone. We look forward to many years of comfort on our new Lane recliners! Thank you Stan and your professional team at Jones Glass & Decorating for such a wonderful experience!

I just have to say Stan Jones is a pleasure to deal with his no nonsense policies are tried and true we followed the instructions on how to handle a damaged box I took pictures of the damaged box then opened the box and found no farther damage I must admit I was expecting trouble not so the chair inside big man comfort king recliner was in perfect condition so we had no problems at all sincerely D. Ney Pine Grove Pa 17963 3-10-2024

Customer Testimonial:
Return Policy Shop with complete confidence at Jones Glass and Decorating Center.

So, youíve purchased and received your piece of furniture from Jones Jones Glass and Decorating Center, but you donít want to keep it. WHAT?!? Like everyone else, our customers have the rights to change their minds. We donít want you keeping something that you donít want. We are including a group of gidelines you will need to know about returns be fore your order. PLEASE NOTE THAT WE DO NOT TAKE CANCELLATIONS ON ORDERS THAT ARE IN TRANSIT AND SHIPPED FROM THE WAREHOUSE. SHIPPED ORDERS THAT ARE CANCELLED IN TRANSIT FOR ANY REASON OTHER THAN DAMAGE WILL INCUR A 10% RESTOCKING FEE AND THE COST OF RETURN SHIPPING JONES GLASS AND DECORATING CENTER RESERVES THE RIGHT TO FIRST REPLACE ANYTHING DAMAGED OR DEFECTIVE. IF A REPLACEMENT CANNOT BE SENT TO SATISFY A GIVEN SITUATION A REFUND CAN BE DISCUSSED What if I receive my shipment and I donít like it? If you are having buyers remorse about our purchase just give us a call at 800-446-7424 or email us at . Once a return request is authorized by customer service, we will email you a return authorization number. Please note that returns without an authorization number will be refused. Sorry! Itís just policy! You must ship your item back within 30 days to qualify for a refund. We do charge a 10% restocking fee and require that you pay your own return shipping. ALL RETURNS MUST INCLUDE ORIGINAL PACKAGING. NOTE THAT ORDERS CANCELLED AFTER THEY HAVE SHIPPED WILL INCUR THE SAME RETURN SHIPPING AND 10% RESTOCKING. ADDITIONALLY IF AN ITEM YOU ORDER DOES NOT FIT INTO YOUR ENTRYWAY, OR IN A PART OF THE HOME TO GET IT TO ITS DESIRED LOCATION WE WOULD CHARGE RETURN SHIPPING AND THE SAME 10% RESTOCKING FEE. EACH ITEM HAS SPECIFIC DIMENSIONS TO AVOID THIS BEING AN ISSUE

What if I get my furniture and itís damaged? A. Refuse the item and notate on the paperwork that your order was damaged and hand the paperwork back to the driver.

Fine print that you really shouldnít ignoreÖ Returned products must come back in original condition and packaging. In the circumstance that we receive a return that shows obvious signs of wear and use (shame on you!), additional fees may be applied. We also cannot accept returns on modified or assembled merchandise.